Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bangkok - Day 2

I have seen many things today. The most impressive top three would be the temple with the gold Buddha and the active monks in their saffron robes, and the back alley water ways to the floating market and Cy'an Restaurant where we had the most amazingly posh dinner. Other adventures include making and discovering coconut products, a small allergic to shrimp incident and a touristy show generalizing Thailand for what I call the "roller bagger" type of traveler. We drove all through the back country, gaining trivial information as we observed groves of green mangoes dancing in the wind. Hands of bananas reached down to the ground, and coconuts rocked gently in the mist like breasts on a thin body.

The vegetation reminds me of the old Vietnam War photos I have seen. The tall grasses, the thick underbrush, the muddy canals. In my mind I could see troops in camo gear, carrying 80 pound packs and large guns, dealing with mental and physical injury. Maybe The Things They Carried got read over to many times in high school, but my mind was on the people lost.

There is a huge difference in the Thailand we have chosen to see and the one where locals live; even though we share the same streets. We awoke to hot eggs, croissants rivaled to the ones in Paris, and a large spread of food that seemed very European, especially traditional French. But our guide awoke to a traffic jam with no breakfast, and had to manage over an hour of travel by bus and taxi to arrive in our lobby at 6:45.

The level of service is like no other, with people almost falling over themselves just to open a door or lend a hand. It feels as if someone called the hotel and general staff that we would encounter, told them we were coming and gave them a substantial tip to make sure we are well taken care of. It feels like we have committed a crime of gluttony, as others around us pray for only enough to get through until tomorrow. Maybe it's just the humanitarian in me, but wish I had the power to equalize these forces. After the most amazingly perfect wedding and the beginnings of a fabulous honeymoon, I can't help but to think that if I had made a few sacrifices, others could have more of what they really need.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Arrival in Bangkok

We have arrived in Bangkok and unlike other countries I have seen, the poverty is available on the first layer. With feral animals that are nothing more than bones covered with parchment, and shacks made of less than a piece of cloth and a few sticks to keep out the sun. In our 45-minute drive from the airport, we have had some humbling experiences and sights. Without our guide, Yo, I don't think we could have found our hotel. Between the chaotic driving, huge language barriers and the gems in the rough, our hotel, tucked in between decomposing buildings resting on streets with unreadable names. I feel so small and out of my own world.

It is a relief to be off the plane, the cramped spaced and the motion sickness was at the level where it was almost unbearable. Though the heat, humidity and jet lag are not welcome alternatives.

I have looked forward towards tomorrow for a long time. We will visit the floating market after we watch Bangkok awake into a bustling city. There is an infectious sense of happiness here, even with the poverty. And a sense of pride, which I am grateful it has been extended in our direction. Yo, has highly recommended walking a few blocks from our hotel to see the four-faced Buddha, where people participate in a Mecca from around the world, to put their knees in dirt and prey under this statue. People donate what they have, from just prayers to fists full of cash in the name of Buddha and to honor and continue his teachings.


Some Photos here:

Monday, October 29, 2007


We survived the 12 hours flight to Taipei. We are exhausted from ridiculously unsuccessful attempts to sleep on the cramped plane.

We board a plane to Bangkok in an hour or so for the final leg of our journey.

Nothing much else to say, but stay tuned for pictures of Thailand!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

We did it!

We're married!

We had so much fun. Thank you to all of our dear friends and family that attended. Everyone of you made the night as perfect as it could be.

Some initial photos have started to roll in. More will be added soon, but click the image below to see the page that will have all our wedding photosets on it.

Enjoy! Our next post should be from Thailand!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Welcome Freinds and Family!

As many of you know Alex Wayne and Bobbi Lance are getting married on October 26.
Shortly thereafter, we board a plane to Thailand for a two and a half week honeymoon.

The adventures will be numerous, the bliss tremendous, and the photographs plentiful. Stay tuned as we update this space with our latest activities and photos form half way around the world.