Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Arrival in Bangkok

We have arrived in Bangkok and unlike other countries I have seen, the poverty is available on the first layer. With feral animals that are nothing more than bones covered with parchment, and shacks made of less than a piece of cloth and a few sticks to keep out the sun. In our 45-minute drive from the airport, we have had some humbling experiences and sights. Without our guide, Yo, I don't think we could have found our hotel. Between the chaotic driving, huge language barriers and the gems in the rough, our hotel, tucked in between decomposing buildings resting on streets with unreadable names. I feel so small and out of my own world.

It is a relief to be off the plane, the cramped spaced and the motion sickness was at the level where it was almost unbearable. Though the heat, humidity and jet lag are not welcome alternatives.

I have looked forward towards tomorrow for a long time. We will visit the floating market after we watch Bangkok awake into a bustling city. There is an infectious sense of happiness here, even with the poverty. And a sense of pride, which I am grateful it has been extended in our direction. Yo, has highly recommended walking a few blocks from our hotel to see the four-faced Buddha, where people participate in a Mecca from around the world, to put their knees in dirt and prey under this statue. People donate what they have, from just prayers to fists full of cash in the name of Buddha and to honor and continue his teachings.


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Anonymous said...

We love you Bobbi and Alex! Make sure to see the Royal Palace, the giant Buddha, take a boat ride on the river, and enjoy our favorite restaurant Cyan! I know your eyes are like saucers with all the new stuff you're being exposed to... drink it in!

All our love and blessings,