Monday, January 26, 2009

Costa Rica - Day 5

At breakfast, the world wasn’t quite straight. I didn’t have the strength to figure it out, but something was to one side of normal. Twisting and turning as we climbed out of the rainforest on our way to Jaco, it finally became very clear what was wrong. At first it was small waves of nausea with a sour tummy. Then it was absolutely something I had to deal with, NOW! So much for living like the locals- and eating their food… Maybe if I just keep my eyes on the ground, I’ll make it to the beach and then I’ll be ready to concur the world again. The road bends sharply to the right, and left. The driver then hits the gas to pass only to jerk the van back into the beach going lane. My eyes feel like they are floating on my lunch from the day before. Turning on the ac and sipping on my filtered water seem to ease the feelings for a few minutes. Christian, the driver informs me that because of construction, the drive is going to be 4 hours instead of two and half. That’s when I knew I was hosed. More sharp curves and passing on blind corners with steep gorges to one side or the other. I can only hope no one else can tell that I was white and clammy with my breakfast about ready for it’s encore.

Later at the beach I was in no condition to be in the sun, playing in the undulating water. I retreated to the hotel, while my amigos partied forward. I heard tales of beer, sunscreen and dancing into the night. So much for trying to experience local life.

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