Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 10 Rain into the Sea

After making us breakfast, the woman at the front desk, escorted us on a tour around the main island. Speaking little English, her generous laughter and pointing finger got the job done. At the Gibbon reserve, we discovered rehabilitated souls waiting to go back into the jungle. The rain is hot and sticky, making it uncomfortable to be outside. But the call of the trail summoned us with great power. No rain was going to stop us, even if it boiled. There was a waterfall whispering to us that we had never met. Light filled our eyes as we trekked over the mud and under branches, until we found what we were looking for.

Later the evening we appeared in a general honeymoon ad, as we walked barefoot along the shore at sunset. Carrying our shoes, in the hands that weren’t holding each other, we finally had enough space to feel totally comfortable. The bustling town of Patong, was overcame by a still quietness, broken only by small waves crashing on the beach. This mornings rain clouds made long shadows across the evening sky, and the sea become one with the heavens.


Anonymous said...

where is this at will hop you are having a good time

bor said...

wat up

tattertottwins said...

Hi Kids,
Well you life in a far off land is winding down once again, all to soon it seems. You have been there the better part of 3 weeks. I know you probablly wish you were able to stay just a bit longer. You probablly feel that the time has past way to quickly. You both have done so much together in the short time that you have been together as a couple, and now as husband and wife. May your adventures together continue as one, and may you continue to explore the world and all of its secerts that it is hiding. Let nothing stand in your way. Fullfill each and everyone of your dreams. Love Mommy

Shushuana said...

WOW, SOunds like you are having a fun and interesting time. I'm so glad. I finally got to check all this after a week. Keep on having fun and stay safe. Talk to you after you get back ( i will wait a while befor I call you ) :-D