Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day 12 RAIN, and lots of it

I turned to Alex with sleepy eyes and asked “what’s that noise?” hearing loud bangs and crashes, accompanied by what sounded like an old engine trying to start. Being the kind soul that he is, and wanting me to get as much sleep as I could, he left the bed to investigate. He answered back “RAIN, on a tin roof” while looking out the window. So with a free day ahead of us, we relaxed and waited for the rain to stop. In the hour or less that it took us to eat breakfast, over an inch of rain poured down. We returned to our room to catch up on our abandoned blog and some phone calls. Reading local news via the internet, we discovered this monsoon that come from China, was grounding local flights and causing localized flooding. Lunch time came, and tried to go, but the rain kept falling. The rain wouldn’t let up, and then it turned of. As if the “Happy Lady” downstairs figured she had enough, and went to the switch that was labeled –RAIN –on-off, and pushed it just like a TV button.

After finishing my post, we packed for the beach. There were a few puddles, but mostly the area was dry already, and the beach was full. Finally, I had a beach bed and a freshly cracked coconut.

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tattertottwins said...

Hay, Glad to hear the rain let up. Don't want you swimming home. Alex learn to smell things before you taste them. Things could have been worst. Boo, glad to hear that you didn't make the same mistake, and eat any shrimp. All is well with you both, besides the small mishaps, right. Well, I send my love, and tell me if you decide to go swimming. Just remember that you will travel a lot easier, and quicker if you were in a boat. But if the boat is not available, remember the life jackets. Love mom